Shannon and Sam

December 31st 2019

Highlight Film

New Year’s Eve weddings are always a spectacle. But Shannon and Sam made theirs so meaningful by hosting it at their home in Shenton Park. They had been prepping the backyard for the 6 months prior to the wedding and never thought they could have it ready in time. Well, taking one look at the video and photos, they made it! With a small but select group of about 60 family and friends, they all packed into the backyard for a quaint and thoughtful ceremony before moving out the front for drinks while the wedding party flipped the backyard on its head to turn it into a reception.

Both Shannon and Sam were on a buzz of happiness all day and all night and when they could finally let their hair down, they danced through the night while trying as hard as they could to finish all the whiskey, wine and beer they had. It was New Year ’s Eve after all! We were there to capture the epic sparkler show for midnight countdown while things got a little crazy and silly. The cameras went away as soon as the lads dropped their dacks and danced in a circle for Daddy Cool’s “Eagle Rock”... This is a new wedding trend apparently.

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