My name is Mitch. I fell in love with videography and photography many years ago. Studying at FTI (Film and Television Institute) and having some amazing mentors throughout the years I was starting to be called a professional. It's hard to hear yourself be called that from just doing what you love and whether you have the title or not you would still be doing it!

I love filming weddings. I started filming weddings because I knew that meant I could make films all the time! Cinematic pieces that contain so much heart and soul that you can't help but fall in love with every little film. A wedding is the greatest day for three people; the couple getting married and myself. I love it that much!

Developing an idea and the entire creative process that follows is what keeps me going in this industry. I'm constantly striving for a better product for future clients and always on the look out for the latest and greatest gear to give your video the edge.

Our aim at Limbo Images is not to deliver you quality over quantity, it's to deliver BOTH quality and quantity.

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