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Morfit Muay Thai Gym
We work with many small businesses like John's. Small businesses have such a great passion and uniqueness to them and it always translates so well to video. John's gym had no shortage of action to put to camera!
Fremantle Chamber of Commerce - Marine Tales
Fremantle's entire economy is led by the diverse port businesses. We created a 12 part video series of the many organisations that all work together as one. This is a short montage video showcasing these businesses.
James Hardie - New Path
It’s hard to stand out as a builder for a new home buyer these days. We teamed up with James Hardie to try and dig deeper into the homebuyers journey and make that story something progressive and exciting.
WA Country Health Service
There really are true heroes among us. From the northern regions and to the southern, we met with many groups and individuals across the WA Country Health Service who stand for so much more than we know. They are the back-bone of our regional towns and we thanked them with this video…
Up Close & Local Tours
UCAL are the absolute go-to for any Perth and South-West based tours. We created a series of videos to help show what kind of adventures are in store for their customers and also how knowledgeable and friendly the UCAL tour guide Paul is.
Australian Inclusion Group
Welcome to Country: We had Len deliver a unique welcome to country which had some background and stories we had not heard before. Down by the Swan river was where we appropriately setup to have Len walk us through his tales.
A company who were compelled and inspired to develop a revolutionary solution to antimicrobial resistant drugs. It was a confronting experience to deliver the message of something that could save countless lives in the future. Corporate, health, tech
Titan ICT
With a very niche specification and service, a video is the perfect way to enter the client into their initial education of the business. A video like this is a tested formula which can be a replacement for a heap of explanatory emails. One video can help a business in time saving and broader client education.
A great example of a small business with a lot to show us. With the abundance and saturation (no pun intended!) of plumbers in business directories and web searches, the boys from Plumbkatz knew it was important to have a video showcase to allow them to stand out amongst the many others.
Katy Steele
Music video filmed with local musician, Katy Steele. A creative collaboration with musicians is a rare treat for us. But we love the create process from start to finish
Mead Physiotherapy
When a client lands on the initial website of your business you ideally want them to see what you’re all about. A video biography as the best way to show the who/what/where of your business.
BrewHub - Value Service
Business have branches and specific facets of their services that might be behind the scenes. With BrewHubs valet service, it was a great chance for us to help the business showcase the BTS and then ins and outs.
C-Results Printing - Chai Tea Day
A very effective approach of video marketing is for a business to not try and sell you their product. The team at C-Results tried this subtle method of having themed days for us to film on their premises. The affect was to see the team in action and get a sense of the atmosphere at their HQ. It was a great idea!
Acacia Hill Child Care
Being a business owner and speaking to your community, customers and clients is a great way to introduce yourself and your team. A small family business still means a whole lot today, and we lean into these powerful messages that help these businesses stand out.
Safe Recovery Falls Prevention
We aren’t strangers to the documentary and tutorial format. And when an organisation has such important information to convey to an audience our job is to clearly and concisely translate that into visuals. With this project we had an outstanding team of professionals to deliver this video which will be played in a number of aged care facilities.
Department of the Premiere & Cabinet - Roll Up for WA
imelapse/s have great applications. With this particular project we helped the Covid Vaccine Comms team to show how much foot traffic was coming through the Royal Show pavilion.
Prison cell intercoms is a very unique concept and the specifics sometimes cannot be practically filmed. In this cased we rely on ability to adapt information into visual animations, key messages and statistics to show the audience a different way, other than really time vision.
Pulse Property Solutions
Builders and property are amongst the most common businesses who apply visual aids to their websites and social media. So in that regard it is a great idea to not phone it it, and have your product be at the highest quality you can. With our specialised camera techniques and high quality 4k output, we strive for the highest.
Therapy Music Video
We delved into some fun concepts Wirth this music video for a local electronic artist
JTSI - Board Room Artwork Project
This is a unique look into a create government project with our ongoing collaboration with the Jobs, Tourism, Science and Innovation department. We create a mini-doc with our subject Seantelle as she talks us through her process and background.
Department of Mines, Industry Regulations and Safety - Embedded Networks
When a subject for a video has this many moving parts and very specific details, we have an explainer video with a voice over companion to some animations. A great example of a tutorial type video containing no physically filmed footage.
Pronto Wholesale Foods
The personality behind a business is sometimes your best selling point. In this case we are talking about Pronto foods owner Paz. His efforts in maintaining the relationship with his clients is something we tried to bring across in a short video series with filmed for his business.
Fremantle Chamber of Commerce - Event Spaces
Displaying a wide and diverse series of locations is easy enough with google maps. But for a deep dive into a more specific requirement, a video series helped the FCC display a broad range of event rooms with ease.
Mark Hay Realty
Selling a property through a designed video can elevate the property once given this priority treatment. Many properties solely just end up with a description and a dozen photos on but for an agent with a desire to stand out, a video like this was this answer.
Town of Victoria Park
This was a fantastic community project with an aim to bring new community members closer to the town making them feel a part of something special.
Part of a larger video series; we connected with multiple demographics to display the broad reach and accessibility of the Metronet project.
Up Close & Local Tours
Been on some Swan Valley adventures before? This is something just for you. Have a guide take you places you’ve never seen that have been sitting in your backyard the entire time. A call to all wine lovers, but a call to all locals of Perth. Find the new right here in your home town.
Town of Claremont - Boun Natale
One of our longest running clients, The Town of Claremont, hosting one of many Italian themed evenings on the terrace. This one, Buon Natale was great fun and you can see how much fun when seeing all the smiles!
Optium Health and Safety
A deep dive into the very specific but important service offered exclusively by OHS; data, research and intervention of the health and safety of a large workforce.
A tech & data service here in Perth; Pathfinder are intricate and fascinating in what they do behind the scenes.
Fremantle Chamber of Commerce
The annual awards night for the businesses of Fremantle. Celebrating the successes as a whole and the individual businesses that keeps the great city of Fremantle going.
A very progressive business in ways of worker relations and business development; Barminco hosted this workshop for the acknowledgment of their greater achievers.
Adept Property Management
This team proved they are stepping at the forefront of property management here in Perth. We conducted a large and extended video series with them to cover all the vital points their clients need to know.
Schneider Mechanical
A family owned business which we are more than happy to work with every year for a new video to show their clients what is happening in their workshop!
The Wellness Zone
A brand new clinic based in Warwick who specialise in a number of new and exotic forms of remedial and therapeutic treatment and massage.
City of South Perth
This was one of many particularly specific workshops held to hear community input on a large City project, the RAF.
Dorrington Homes
A luxury builder who is both family owned and run. They pride themselves on exceptionally approachable and friendly service with grand designs and superior builds.
BrewHub are responsible for some of the best coffee machines you can possible find in Perth. Normally they are installing and servicing them in high rise offices, but while in lockdown for Covid-19, Dave from BrewHub is going to show us how to make a café quality coffee from home that’s affordable!
The Naked Wanderer
It was a pleasure to work with the cast and crew of The Naked Wanderer and help them create a promotional series. The film is great, check it out and the behind the scenes stuff we captured!
Casual Connection
This is a preview of an ongoing project with Perth DJ, Casual Connection. Probably one of the most enjoyable projects to ever be a part of, and this is obvious when watching one of the A/V sets from Casual Connection over Australia. A collection of visual references hitting every sense that cares to be a receptor for the colours, the madness and that fantastic fun that comes together in these mixes!
One of the most niche companies we’ve had the pleasure of collaborating with. Installing and servicing prison intercom systems. The very specific and technical nature of the business made it easy to create a slick and informative video for them to showcase at trade shows and online clients.
Inclusion Solutions
When a devoted team like the crew at Inclusion Solutions has a chance to tell you about who they are and what they do, you can’t help but be inspired. We hope we helped them spread their message with this video.
Bruce Reynolds for Mayor
This video was a mayoral campaign video. Bruce was so passionate and driven to help his community in Perth and the video definitely reflects this. Bruce was unsuccessful in his campaign, but hopefully this video touched a broad number of people.
Exclusive Residence
For luxury builds it requires a wealth of experience in the builder. Exclusive homes represent the best of what Perth builders can offer.
McDonald Surveys
We were thrilled to be a part of this video production, as it led McDonalds to winning an award for their services. The team here at McDonalds are friends and ongoing clients of ours and fit the perfect family mould which all successful businesses aspire to.
The Richardson Aged Care
The Richardson is a prestigious living facility located in West Perth on Richardson Street. The services they offer in the luxury high rise living are the best you’ll find.
Girl Power
One of the more exciting and fun experiences we get the chance to film; a 90’s girl band tribute night! With the inclusion of The Spice Girls, All Saints and The Sugarbabes.
Mont Property
This real estate business marks a defined spot up in Applecross, aiming to display the biggest and best property of the region.
Panache Living
One of the last unique homewares retailers in Perth. Situated in the perfectly suitable location of Guildford, Panache Living has a vast variety of quality homewares and gifts for all ages.
City of Melville - Kidchella
One of many events held in the City of Melville. Kidchella is an obvious homage to the famous Cochella concert held in California. This, however different, was just as fun!
Australian Defence Force
This project was a culmination of industry experts to come together in unison to tackle some of the countries most important issues. The defence force and it’s expertise throughout all levels were put into serious regard and as the attendees experienced the 2 day summit hosted at Optus Stadium, the final outcomes were something for them all to be proud of!
Goldrick Executive
Goldrick Executive is a boutique executive search and advisory practice with a dedicated concentration toward the energy, mining, chemical and infrastructure sectors within Asia Pacific. They are the first in the industry to create a dedicated video to attract future connections.
Collaborating with ACTON multiple times across the years, it’s great to see a business being proactive and capitalizing on certain events and promotions. Video has no doubt been a great benefit for these guys across Perth.
Family First Aid
A very important tutorial, not just for parents but anyone! Knowing how to revive or even assist in helping a chocking baby or child can be vital knowledge.

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