Laura and Jason

February 8th 2020

Highlight Film

Laura and Jason were described in a speech as the perfect example of the modern family. Gone are the days of the conventional steps towards marriage. While once it was living with mum and dad until we get married, then move into our new home and have kids. These days you do it in your own order. Laura and Jason already have a home and have their kids.

The best part is, the kids were able to be there to see mum and dad get married and will remember it for years. It was more emotional and inspiring having Laura and Jason not only speak of each other as partners to each other, but also as parents to each of their kids. This was evident in their vows to each other, which may very well be the GOAT of all vows! The whole day went perfectly, and if I was given the chance to film it again, I’d do it the exact same way! All the best Laura and Jason!

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