Larissa and Joel

January 5th 2019

Highlight Film

Larissa is a high school friend of mine and we’ve known each other for what feels like decades! This is why I was so pumped to not only be witness to her getting married but have the opportunity to film it for her and Joel. Larissa to say the least, is an emotional person. This is such a good thing, especially on a wedding day. That heart is on the sleeve, constantly. We love this when filming; it translates so well through the camera just what a couple goes through on their wedding day.

There were so many highlights at this wedding; Larissa’s two nephews busted out a guitar number “you are my sunshine” in front of Larissa, obviously sending her into tears. And this wedding had another dance floor to remember! Larissa comes from a dancing background, so naturally there were plenty of dancers in attendance, including Larissa’s sister who pops up quite a lot in the video due to her unashamed style of dancing! Another beautiful balmy night wrapped up on the foreshore of Burswood on Swan. This was one of my personal favourites!

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