Jackie and Andrea

May 4th 2019

Highlight Film

Thanks to Jackie and Andrea we were invited along to both film and photograph their wedding with a “Fusion Package”. Not only this, but it was the first time we’d be going to the Sandalford Estate room which turned out to be epic! Jackie and Andrea had great support from their families this day. So much to organize and such a long day when having a church ceremony. It all went down so well in the end and hit every mark. You can’t deny how awesome the Estate Room is.

It was host for some massive conga lines, impromptu karaoke and a few brass instruments! April and May could be my favorite months for weddings; they have the sun set at just the right time of day and are usually not too hot or cold. We took advantage of this by having a nice waterfront photoshoot with the couple at that perfect time. An awesome congrats to Jackie and Andrea!

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