Armin and Farrah

February 3rd 2019

Highlight Film

A Persian wedding is a spectacle. Their traditions, especially the dancing, were what lit this one up. Armin and Farrah started the day in adjacent rooms at Crown Towers. Armin had a close up shave while Farrah was getting hair and makeup. We had their first look in the Crown Towers lobby and Armin broke down. It was pretty special. From here there were many more tears, specifically during the ceremony. Armin and Farrah made it quite obvious of how they felt for each other.

I may have wept a bit behind the camera! But onto the nighttime dancing! For what felt like hour and hours, we all huddled into the dance floor outside at Burswood on Swan. The traditional dancing you’ll see in the video had literally young and old all up on the floor. It was impressive!

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