Amy and Sam

November 2nd 2019

Highlight Film

It was quite a moment when Amy and Sam first saw each other at the ceremony on this day. With that long walk down the path at the top of the limestone stairs at Caversham House, it was quite a big buildup. Amy’s dad may have tried to steal the show a few times this day, and one of those times was when handing over Amy to Sam. He had a nice intimate chat with Sam before heading down to join the guests. Our mics couldn’t quite pick up everything but there was something along the lines of “you know I’ve still got my hunting rifle?” Enough said! The couple enjoyed hanging out with the bridal party all around Caversham House; we pretty much walked to every corner!

It’s always a stress free day when you have your ceremony and reception in the same place. There were a few other scene stealing moments during the speeches. One more for Amy’s dad clocking in 10 minutes overtime but also the bridesmaids joint speech was a particular highlight. The crowd definitely dug their boots into that dancefloor in the later evening. To bring the couple into each other’s families they circled the two of them while they danced and sung to a favorite song.

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