Amy & Adam

November 9th 2018

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Amy and Adam were hosts to us all out at Darlington Estate. It was the first hot day of the season which meant of course, the bugs had spawned! But we shook those off and adventured the day through with Amy and Adam. Starting out at a North Perth pool hall with Adam and the boys, it was a very welcome and relaxed change to the norm. We then met Amy up in a lovely Crown suite before making our way to Darlington.

I missed a turn and ended up 4wding my hatchback through someone’s backyard. They were cool about it and said “it happens a lot!” and pointed me next door. But the setup was awesome; right on top of the hill, tucking the ceremony away under the shade of the huge gumtrees and the reception all decked out under the Darlington restaurant. These two were keen for everything. We hopped fences, trudged through bush, climbed hills and as mentioned, fought the trillions of bugs! Settling into reception, the speeches were epic. Not too much piss taken, but a little. And capping off the night with a great bridal dance from the couple straight into a lovey-dovey dance floor.

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